fp growth algorithm

Unraveling the FP Growth Algorithm

FP-growth algorithm is a highly efficient approach to frequent pattern mining.

Further in this article, we’ll delve into its details including its advantages, and how it compares to other techniques like the Apriori algorithm.

Understanding the FP-Growth Algorithm

To begin with, the FP-growth stands for Frequent Pattern-growth and is a method we can use in data mining to identify frequent itemsets in transactional databases.

In order to do that, it constructs a FP-tree, which is a compact data structure that captures itemset frequency information.

Calculating FP Growth

There isn’t a single formula for calculating FP growth.

Instead, it’s an iterative process that involves constructing the FP-tree and mining it to find frequent itemsets.

The FP-Growth Tree Method

This method involves two main steps:

  1. Scan the transaction database to gather support counts for individual items.
  2. Then, construct the FP-tree by inserting transactions, reordering items by descending frequency, and connecting common prefixes.

Supervised or Unsupervised Learning?

The FP-growth algorithm is an unsupervised learning technique, as it discovers frequent itemsets in a transaction database without any prior knowledge or labeled data.


These algorithms offer several benefits over traditional methods like Apriori:

  1. Efficiency: It reduces the need for multiple database scans and candidate generation.
  2. Memory usage: The FP-tree is a compact data structure, leading to lower memory requirements.
  3. Scalability: It can handle large datasets more effectively than Apriori.

FP-Growth vs Apriori Algorithm

The main difference between the Apriori and FP-growth algorithms lies in their approach to identifying frequent itemsets.

To clarify, Apriori is a bottom-up approach, generating candidate itemsets and pruning infrequent ones in multiple iterations.

On the other hand FP-growth is a top-down approach, building the FP-tree and mining it without explicit candidate generation.


The FP-growth algorithm is a powerful and efficient tool for frequent pattern mining in data mining applications.

Moreover, its advantages over traditional methods like the Apriori algorithm make it an ideal choice for handling large datasets and discovering interesting patterns.

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